Chat idea

Hello again
This is my chat idea


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Suggested and declined.
It’ll make additional server load and make no sense as almost everyone use side apps for this case (Skype, Discord etc). Doesn’t worth it.


The chat dont will be in ciu because (also what there is more than 1k players in game) you have another sites to chat to your friends, like discord, there is even a thread in the forum where you can chat

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Neh, we don’t need chat in ciu. Use chatting apps if you want to chat with others, not turning the game into a chatting platform.

Why you repeat stuff someone already said? just like the earlier replies and don’t repeat. it got repeated like 2 times already

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We didn’t repeat, dude. If you really read replies properly, we just express opinions.

I don’t understand why a bunch of people are against chat. I’d much rather have a handy dandy 1 click away chat than having to unlock my phone, boot up discord and start typing on my phone’s keyboard.
As well as alt tabing, especially when I have more things open than just CIU and Discord open and I mess inbetween the alt tab.

I can understand how it would be a load that could use notable resources that could be currently limited for CIU right now, but cannot understand how this is a bad idea. Every place could use a chat, and I don’t understand games that don’t have one.

Besides, what’s so bad about having people chatting in-game? It gets more activity, is that a bad thing?

Also, VerMishelb, everyone uses a side app for this case because there ISN’T a chat in-game in the first place. Some may be using it as a choice, but others are using it because there isn’t a choice.


I was playing quite a big amount of games with and without chat, even managed to get to beta testers group at the beginning of one and saw how it died. Results: chat is being used only to:

  1. Spam (like selling account which is usually against rules or advertisement)
  2. Insult (because it gets used only at the end of every match to blame others)
  3. “gg”, even if failed with 0/40
    And the 4th case is normal users which is ~10% from everything else, and as soon as they make a group or clan or whatever, they switch to side apps.
    Also, when the game dies, chat is actively being used to blame developers or anyone who is responsible for closing the game, or making fun of those who just joined and just talking about life in lobby.

Sounds so wrong, but this is sad truth. Less and less people use chat as it needs to be used.


what does contacts even mean when you can’t interact with them? you can only locate and compare them, doesn’t feel like contacting them


You have a strong argument, but Chicken Invaders isn’t exactly League of Legends/Counter Strike.

i think it is good idea because there are many players that not join in this forum


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