Chat and Microphone

Yes, so that’s why I prefer discord as it has the ability to mute any toxic players dares to instigate fights. As well we can contain good players using it.

Man…I have seen players destroy many of their devices because of these games.


That is certainly true as to why we don’t want that in the game involving kids begging free money (Like CHL for example) or any stuff like Raging on the mic or kept asking for money etc


Thats a good point.
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Do not forget that not everyone has the money for a good microphone, because many will probably have sand and overload in voice chat. This will be very distracting from the game and the desire to quit it if it cannot be disabled. Well, do not forget about the language barrier and that there is a discord.

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Also, this is an additional slowdown of the game and the cost of storing your conversations on the server. Yes, your conversations will be stored on the server. At least in my country, they are required to do this for half a year, if I don’t confuse anything. But let me know where I went wrong.

The microphone feature I got the idea from the zoom room but also the chat feature a lot of people only use discord to chat but I don’t want it to be like just chatting about the game without thinking about the outside society.

I think if it’s possible to only chat via discord, chat about social outside or other games besides Chicken Invaders

Chatting feature already exists in missions. But all game plans are meant to be decided in discord because it is a chatting app so we know when we will play. And it’s not suitable to decide a game plan inside the game itself.

Regarding protecting the game environment clean with this feature, in addition to chatting on discord, I also want I.A to have another security system to be able to directly ban players who dare to vandalize or speak abusively, badly makes the game environment worse

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