Changing Yolk-Star

So…we know how Yolk-Star is…no need introduction.
And i have a suggestion that may make it more interesting…i guess its up to you guys anyway.
So the change is rather than throwing a 6 lasers one (for example) we start with 4 lasers then everytime we crack the shell at fixed percentage an extra laser adds! That will kick up the difficulty and make sure that people are warmed up for the harder ones and about the terminator chickens we throw ofc 4 chickens on the first crack 6 chickens at the second crack and 8 ones at the third crack.
Also Yolk-Star will gain an 4 seconds immunity for each crack to avoid the dmg amp spam.
Lemme know what do you think down in the poll.

  • Oh yes! I like the new change! IA should implement it!
  • Ah yolk nah! Keep the old one it’s better.
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I am out.

Why this look similar to your idea? ( the Extra Lazer adding)

Nope. Mine don’t have the terminator chickens, but those lazers have their speed (depend on difficult)


I guess you still haven’t try The Yolk Star in the highest difficult yet. :smirk:

Overall, this idea should be extincted. lol

Worse than mine before :skull:

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Yours is far away better than this for real :skull_and_crossbones:

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So the world have decided…imma deleteting da topic

How do you delete a topic?

Ask IA to do that.

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@InterAction_studios can you please delete this topic?

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