Changing Windows XP sound into different one for CIU

As far as I know: since CI3, the series uses “Windows XP Start.wav” sound file when (mostly) setting the volume. Since childhood I thought this is out of place to have generic Windows XP sound play instead of something Sci-Fi related (that would match to series’ theme)

Will CIU still has that sound or will it be changed for something different?

If so, then let me know about SFX that have the most potential to be a replacement…

This is more of a user request than the idea itself…

There was an attempt to do that in CI5 before release but it sounded quite out of place.


That was just iA’s bad taste in SFX

Look for “Sci-fi game screech”

It sounds better than that sound in the CI5’s beta version

PS: I’m not promoting anything, just giving the example of sound effect that is similar to what players heard before, but different at the same time

Changed in v.104 :medal_sports: Idea


Thank you! :heart:

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