Changing Weapons (and satellites?) on Pre Mission Screen

Hey guys,

right now I am always changing my weapon depending on if I am playing a Comet Chase mission or something else. I find it tedious to open the Profile > Fleet > Loadout Menu every time to switch my weapon. Because of that, I’d like a possibility to change weapons and satellites right before starting a mission.

It could either be realized as a “short link” to the loadout screen or separate slot icons on the pre-mission screen:

What do you think?


I ſuggeſted that there be the option to ſwitch ſpacecraft, but it didn’t catch on.

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Is a good idea, especially for the weapon. Probably the players use Utensil Poker for the most of the missions, but for a comet chase mission, the Vulcan Chaingun should be the best, since it spreads bullets to all directions when is in the overloaded range.

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Vulcan for real !

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