Change utensil pokers name

Its pretty dumb idea and if we want to make this game a bit interesting we can change untensil pokers name to “Forknight”. Sounds like fortnite but just a gun name. Pretty funny through.

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Tell me you’re kidding


Pretty much. But its just for make utensil pokers name better. :man_shrugging:

You misspelled the word “worse”

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So yes or nO?

As I said pretty much.

Just makes its name interesting :smiley:

Yeah,yeah…I hope they don’t accept this. No offense,but that’s my opinion.

Orandza is right. For me the '‘Forknight’ name is absurd.

After some discussion on discord. I decided this idea suck.

why do we need a new name for utensil poker.


Why should we?

Just change the name to Fork Pork

BUMP gang


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utensil forkers !

Bump gang 2


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Some person want to bump old topic