Change unoriginal

IA should change about unoriginal
like we can replay same mission for 3 times
before unoriginal
also lose and surrender dont count


The way it works now is that it’s applied if you replay the mission within 24 hours

How would your suggestion work exactly?

soo after win mission you can still play same mission without unoriginal for 2 time before get unoriginal also if you lose and surrender those time will not count but in same result that lose and surrender will delete point by 75%

Well, that would make point grinding too easy

Honestly I’d just reduce the penalty time to 30 minutes or 1 hour. 24 hours for every fail is pretty harsh.

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Or reduce the penalty time to 12 hours

Changed in v.48 :medal_sports: Idea


What does unoriginal mean?

He was talking about the unoriginality penalty.

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I still don’t understand.

this thingy reduces your score when you play a mission that has been played from 24 hours. the more you play it recently, the less points you get.


I wish the game warned me about unoriginality penalty before i played the weekly challenge

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