Change "Max Power" to "Supercharged"

Since we have bomber, calling fp 20 max power is obsolete. So, I have an idea to change it to “supercharged” to clear the misunderstanding for newer players. Also, I think it would make more sense as we can collect more firepower than 20.


What if…
“Supercharged Power: 100000 pts” - reach 20 firepower
“Maximum Power: 200000 pts” - reach 50 firepower (y not)

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Actually, I have some else in my mind, like “Overcharged”, “Ultracharged”, “Hypercharged” etc. I use term “charged” because… Why not?

In the original idea looks like this:

“Ultracharged” 15fp → 50k points
“Supercharged” 20fp → 100k points
“Hypercharged” 25 fp → 150k points
“Overcharged” 30 fp → 200k points

But I don’t know if it works good for the balance of the game especially in challenges. So I scrapped it.

That’s too much.

Personally I like it as it is

Alternatively, you could get the “max power” warning at ſome large number (ſay, 50), and if you collected another firepower after that point it would wrap around to 0 again. :grin:

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i think that notification about the actual max power can be useful. can’t we have one for bombers?
also, maybe at 50 it can be “hoarding warrior”.

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