I got a challenge for you guys (choose 1)

  1. Challenge:
  • Any type of mission
  • Using Beam
  • Only clicking, no charging
  1. Challenge:
  • Any type of mission
  • Use any weapon
  • When shooting, try not to get “beep” sound.

Should do a poll

What challenge do you choose?
  • 1
  • 2

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Well I choose the 2nd 1
And btw you can join CIU League Challenge topic ;-;


None of them, because your skill for create a challenge is too easy for me.

But what about the other?

If I choose 1 (Absolver Beam is required and without overcharge), is gonna be a hard one :cold_face:, and choose 2 (All weapons and without receiving “beep” sound), is so confused for someone. :thinking:

This is why I choose none of them. :sunglasses:

whats beep

Overheated warning sound

You already get a medal if you do that.

but its harder here since you will get no warning since warning = lose


ohk intresting

2nd is too easy

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