Catch the Food (Challenge)

This challenge is to catch as much food as possible. Food drops from above in random places, you have to catch food and earn points. Sometimes the key can also fall off, but is it worth the risk? Food drops faster and faster with time. You can’t let the food fall down because food doesn’t bounce off the floor in this challenge! The player has 40 chances, if they lose, the challenge ends. Catch the Food Challenge appears every day.

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  • No more challenges are needed

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Reminds me bonus levels from luxor.
Don’t think this challenge can be balanced because:

  1. Appetite attractors exist
  2. Bombers exist

  1. The attractors can be turned off
  2. Muller may be the default Spacecraft

2.1. User can have bombers only in his profile. Also makes bombers less useful.


Well, let’s say you can choose any Spacecraft, The choice is up to the player. The player may also choose not to participate if he simply does not wish to.

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Well it’s strange that some has Bombers only, they’re slow, have a big hitbox and cost keys to be faster. And they aren’t perfect for other challenges.

They have much more fire power than any other ship, and with satellites they come ultimate killing machine.

That maybe true, but there’re also slow & not suitable for any challenges.

Incorrect. They are pretty suitable for challenges, especially daily, as you can clear more enemies for short period of time (if you can control slow spacecraft, of course, but that’s not a problem for those who completed at least one CI game with keyboard).

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But it’s hard to collect their food/coins/power-ups.

Well sadly I’m not one of those few ones.

There could be a bullet hell asteroid challenge along with collecting the food, so your efforts are actually worth something.

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If Catch the Food exists
Magnets: its free real estate

just turn bomber speed to max and reduce hitbox

Zuma Luxor?, yeah the suggestion is a little bit similar to it

Sincerely? I didn’t take the idea from other games (I didn’t even know a game that has something similar) The idea gave me a bit of a challenge in which there is no killing chickens.

Perhaps this could be a minigame at Space Burger? Instead of a “mission”

Pay 20 keys to try?


Rather, the minigame should be free. I still think this as a challenge would be better, let’s do a poll.

What should Catch the Food be?

  • Minigame in Space Burger
  • Daily Challenge

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Thing is, you’re getting food, which can be sold for keys. You’re also getting score.

of course no, i didn’t say you stole it i just said my opinion, and very sorry if it made you angry :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s okay, I’m not angry.