Career Score Statistics

I was wondering what was the total score of all players in CIU, so I set out to do some measurements through the All-Time Best rankings.

For the first 300 players, I was reading each player’s score and adding it to the total, but that way I wouldn’t be able to count all 61885 players, so I started using averages. First I was taking the average of the first and the last player per 100 players, then only the score of the player in the middle of the range, and so on. Eventually I was only checking one in 800 players, before reverting to more accurate measurements near the end.

Here are the results:
So, according to this, the total score would be around 33,500,756,131,339, or 33.5 trillion.

Some of the things I noticed:
The top 1% of players own about 40% of all points.
To match that amount, you would need the bottom 97% of players.
The total is about 131 times the top player’s score (255,905,178,886).
The median career score of all players is 76,511,363.
The average career score of all players is 541,338,872.
Only 8212 players had a career score above the average, or about 13.26%.
26479 players have a career score of over 100 million.
5203 players have a career score of over 1 billion.
498 players have a career score of over 10 billion.


Don’t know if this information can help somehow but, thanks i guess ?


You’re a Legend, Emerald.

Nice you settled results

Your experimental measurements are within 0.75% of actual numbers, so well done.


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