Can't using my mouse!

Umm, ok please don’t suprise with my bad English because I’m Vietnamese ok??
Ok let get started,my question that is:
-Why I can’t use my mouse while playing CIU?? I am playing on my laptop, when I plug the mouse cord, it always say: ’ Lost connection’ or ‘Other side closed connection’? I’m pretty mad because I only can play on keyboard, so my movement is very slowly and I’ll miss the keys or powers everytimes.Using the mouse are more comfortable.Soooo…

have you tried restarting or plugging the mouse in a different port

Yes,I was and I still can’t fix it.

I am the opposite of you, I only use the mouse to play games but I don’t have a keyboard

Ok.So I’m sad now, I still can’t understand why I can’t using my mouse.Help me !!!

Your mouse should not affect network connectivity (well, unless by “mouse cord” you really mean “LAN cable” :smirk: )

Actually, how do you connect to the internet? Is it wireless, or through a LAN cable?

What if you play with your laptop’s built-in touchpad. Does that work?


Even so, the touchpad is near as useless as a keyboard when it comes to Chicken Invaders, or gaming in general.


Correct, but I’m trying to troubleshoot here, not provide final solutions. It’s clear that the mouse can’t be the reason behind the disconnections, something else is amiss.


my mouse always fine, expect I accidenty press the W,A,S,D button and it freeze until I click it(mouse) again

That is a protection from accidental mouse movement while you’re playing with keyboard.


Actually laptop’s touchpad is working well with the game. My connection of the laptop is wireless, not through a LAN cable.

Correct, I use my touchpad for moving from this orbit to that orbit and other uses. I never use it to play the game, it’s fast but easy to slip with the fingers. I just use ↑↓→← for moving and ‘space’ for shooting.

I mean this:

Plug the mouse’s head in and I can’t play.

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