Can't Upgrade to 8

when i tried to launch the game, it says that upgrade it to version 8, but it leads me to a same early access download link which is basically the same one i have currently have right now, idk what is going on but i think there is a bug or it didn’t sent me to a correct URL
sry if im saying it wrong but its happening to me

It’s not the same link. It has the same name all the time,but I assure you that it has the latest version.

Start the game and ſee if it is verſion 8 (it ſays in the corner at ſtartup or at the top in galaxy view) If not, it could be that ſomething’s caching the file, ſo download the backup link (the one at the bottom in the “Download early acceſs” topic).

i have sorted it out, i have version 8 now, but the Installer i had, did it Duplicate a game or did it only just upgraded?

If you installed it in the same location as your previous version,then it simply upgraded it.