Can't enter planets and star systems. Bug?

I linked my existing account on another device and this happened.
The game says that I have discovered no star systems and that means that I cannot even travel to other star systems. I cannot even enter a planet. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?
Also do note that this is on my second device, its not my primary one.

From Another Travel

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What do you mean?

Ok so its a bug?

Yes, he’ll fix.

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Yeah, it is mentioned to OP of EA topic.

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Ok thanks for the reply!

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iA Say That

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Nobody knows.


So I can’t do anything at the moment myself?

Travel to another star system.

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I cant. It says I need to discover the current star system first

Have you bought off-road license?

Nope I haven’t

iA will fix

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Buy off-road license. Buy more fuel to do and select off-road.

I kinda don’t wanna buy an offroad license

Edit: Ok then I guess I will

It’s the only way yet.