Cannot find my first mission to start playing!

Hi All,

Perhaps you all know it, but I literally cannot start playing!!! to each planet that I travel and want to start a mission: either it says: “Coming soon” or a long error message (about not having enough coins ?). Maybe, I moved my spaceship at the first place and now each time, it re-appears from that wrong location?!

Anyway, my question is: Where can I start playing? Even if I now the planet name, how can I find that?

Thanks for your help and letting me to enjoy as well :slight_smile:

If you explored every planet at your system, you can try to travel to other one by clicking it and pressing button. It is not necessary to explore the sun or anything else you can’t explore, only those that you can.

Sounds like a bug of ſome ſort. Could you poſt a ſcreenſhot?


There should ALWAYS be at least one playable mission (tier 0) on the star system where you first spawn. Where are you? Zoom out until you can see the star system name (of select any planet and tell us its name).

It seems that I am in Golgos start system:

You’re right – not sure why you spawned there, will check it.

Travel to the nearby system of Amyntor, there are at least 3 missions for you there.


Thanks! It works :slight_smile: