Can you create new boss's wave?

This is the first time that I gave you my idea for you to create the boss’s wave I created. I didn’t know what to do, so I wanted to ask everyone for help to complete this boss.
In order to make the boss’s wave, you need the artwork, its attacks, the way it moves and how to destroy it (you probably already know) if my idea is not good.
Here are my creative ideas:

  • The ultimate evil portal

Shape: The gate will be bigger than normal, changing status to green, yellow, and red when it is about to be destroyed, continuous rotation
Skill: have protective iron film (have barrier protect), bullets and lasers, gate teleport chicken.

  • New U.F.O appeared

Shape: bigger than UFO’s Boss, harder to beat
Skill: have all U.F.O weapons, new U.F.O weapons creates a laser circle before and after the attack of those weapons

  • New chicken: the revival chicken

Shape: Look at the chicken like a healing doctor
Skill: bullet dispersion injection needle, bandages bullets
Special skill: healing circle

  • New chicken: the samurai chicken

Shape: Look at a chicken like a shogun swordsman in Japan
Skill: 1, 2 or 3 katana swords spinning around the chicken, fire grenade, bow arrow, kunai dagger, wakizashi short swords

  • New chicken: the bubble chicken

Shape: chicken wear raincoat full of bubbles all over the body
Skill: bouncing bubble, bubble shield, bubble bullets,
Special skill: explosive bubble: chasing and detonate you

  • Egg gun

Shape: A large egg has many weapons equipped on the outside of the eggshell such as galting gun, shotgun and laser gun (it looks like a chick gatling gun but it also has a shotgun and a laser gun)
Skill: bullets, laser lines
Special skill: laser circles

  • The glowing egg

Shape: an egg glowing 7 colors rainbow, illuminate the area when playing at night
Skill: bouncing egg, egg bullets create chickens when they burst eggs

  • Egg shape helix springs

Shape: Look at the shape of an egg like helix springs, summon small U.F.O chick to fly like helical springs or DNA, it’s as big as Egg City
Skill: dispersed bullets, laser
Special skill: bullets disperse continuously every time you fire

  • The artificial satellite of chicken

Shape: Look like the weird artificial satellite have a laser weapon, it’s very big, appear and dangerous on the left or on the right
Skill: bullets, laser circles, laser lines, summon chickens, barrier protect

  • Dangerous satellite box

Shape: the satellite box is surrounded by thick yellow and black diagonal stripes of iron and a laser cube on the outside of the box rotates around, appears 1-3 satellite boxes and goes very fast and big, there are 1-6 objects out when destroying it
Skill: it will chasing you until you die

  • Redo these 4 bosses: (Make a game mode for each of these 4 bosses)
  • Play in jellyfish mode swimming in the universe
  • Play in fly mode inside the planet to kill
  • Play in meteor mode on ice planet
  • Play in fly mode to the planet’s ground

Those are all my ideas, is it helpful or not?

      • Ultimate evil portal
      • New U.F.O appeared
      • The artificial satellite of chicken
      • Dangerous satellite box
      • The samurai chicken
      • The revival chicken
      • The bubble chicken
      • Egg gun
      • The glowing egg
      • Egg shape helix springs
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Nice ideas


You sure have lot of ideas, but a good idea should be paired with good & proper explanation (i.e. how they look like, how they behave, etc.)

As for former bosses, they’re already suggested many times, not sure if they make sense in the space, as planetary mission is not implemented yet. I remember that someone suggested the hen house is on an asteroid.


I think is not good idea. Because CIU don’t have Earth :earth_americas: in many solar system to add boss: Hen House. The other one, let me or IA research it may be longer than usual.


We will try harder to make game better and more interesting.

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They are great ideas, but…

What does this mean?


maybe he/she means etc…


hm, okay then…

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Do you like it?

Yes, i do.

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I created new ideas hope everyone likes it (I hope so)

cool, but can you show us more detail like: health, how it will look like?,etc

I don’t know, I just don’t know what it look like,so can you help me create what it look like?

But it’s your idea, you’re supposed to know how it looks like and how it works.


Well I basicly like very much those bosses on those photos.
Hope @InterAction_studios at least adds one boss from those in the photos.

Yeah, you need to be very patient because it won’t be done until end of Early Access (and even then it can take some more time).

nevermind, i will fix that soon

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