Can you Cheat/Bug the system in chicken invaders?

yes, you can multiply your orbs


  1. this works only in multiplayer when you do a super-nova wave
  2. you need to need to be in 0 firepower
  3. dont grab the orbs/firepower atom as they spawn, wait for the wave to finish
  4. will this be patched? [idk]
  5. this does work on other waves? [probably not, as you need a big space for the orbs to come together]
  6. does this give unfair gameplay? [not really, it depends]

[wish i could proof it, but i cannot really send screenshots of me doing it]

If by orbs you mean firepower atom-like thing, that’s charity and nobody except you can take it. Doesn’t really give you unfair advantage because you don’t get anything when you’re at 0 lives.

this applys if you still have more hearts, and also applys to other players doing it.
this also applys as “multiply players.”
which anyone can use and use it for a easy win.

I wouldn’t call dying tens of times an easy win. I would not even consider it a “win” at this point.


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