Can we get mirrored version of every waves?

I won’t list every waves here because I don’t remember their names, and maybe not every wave should have mirrored version, but I will give some examples

  1. Every waves that always rotate counter clockwise (like Roundabout Approach, Shape shifter, Spiral of Doom, Surrounded by Drone etc. Including henperor apprentice’s attack and super chicken in chicken multiplicity) or vice versa
  2. Every waves that always come from left to right (High Speed Chase, Chicken Wobble) or vice versa
  3. Square Dances
  4. Every waves that can be memorized its sequence (Cardinality of Four, Caught by Surprise, Hend Game). Maybe it could be randomized and become more SURPRISING.
  5. And more! I don’t know what’s the other, maybe you could add it!

I don’t think this is a good Idea :male_detective:

Wait, how is this guy be able to talk? And he seems to hate evrything now

Since we have mirrored version of some boss fight then why not make these a thing

I feel like these could make the game less predictable, but perhaps too much. Maybe a circling arrow next to the wave name to indicate reverse?

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