Can we get a Chiken Hunter license?

I think it would be a good idea if we could somehow get a chicken hunter’s license. For example, by discovering the entire galaxy or reaching rank 99

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IA needs to make money bro


Wow this is the cheapest suggestion so far




Making a premium version be free to earn? Thats just making it supportive purpose gone

But then how would IA buy food to survive? Or pay his electricity bills? Or pay his rent?


Make it for the entire universe. Complete everything, droid raids, wormholes, shady buyers, etc.

Including the CHL only missions.


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Ah yes, play CHL missions to be able to play CHL missions. Genius.


Not trying to sound toxic or anything, but does anybody even read his/her post before sending it out anymore?


Listen, we’ve all been here, discussing together, playing together, participating in quests, creating highlights in the game that iA created. Furthermore, iA has to pay the electricity fee, which is (probably) the most expensive due to having to maintain the server online continuously, plus maintaining the source of income to be able to live through the day. CHL in the game is a way for us to help iA to reduce some of the pressure on financial income. Yes, you can play this game completely for free, because 80% of the content in the game (including purchase of certified items) is already available to play.

CHL is not necessarily obligatory, or you must buy it. But like I said, it’s also a way for us to help iA with income.

(Sweaty and heavy breath incoming lul)

I will say this suggestion is bad (not worse, because anyone want it but no money will say that)

Yeah sorry for “making an essay” in here, but I still against this suggestion

Let’s be honest here, you don’t even really need the CHL to play the game, you can easily be top 1 without it, it’s mere existence is there just for people that are lazy to play the game for long enough so they buy it to get an advantage to other people, honestly, except for some missions and other features it’s pretty much useless.


That’s true. CHL isn’t even worth it currently.

But this? What advantages does it actually provide to lazy people?

That’s the joke

Yeah it’s just ‘harder than hard’ missions for those who get bored of existing difficulty.

No no, this is a good idea.

Per example, in the store, with the CHL you can buy ships for their original price that are restricted. If you’re a non CHL player, (like me) you need to grind to be able to afford 2x the original price to get the contraband, so in a case like that, we could say if you’re not the type to grind like that to buy the CHL (and to support the devs of course) it seems like a logical answer.

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I still wouldn’t call it an advantage for lazy people, but it’s a good point.


Yeah… the CHL isn’t worth it.
MAYBE these workarounds could make it more appealing.
All items in contraband will have their default prices reduced by 30%. Owning a CHL will increase the discount to 60%.
Owning a CHL will allow you to upgrade items by 2 extra levels (ex. A Laser Cannon can be upgraded to a maximum starting default power level of :zap:8. but owning a CHL will allow you to upgrade it to​:zap:10).
You get 1 random special weapon on missions with a difficulty of at least 60% or higher.
30% upgrade discount
Dying in a mission will give you a “redemption” chance, where dealing enough damage in 10 seconds will revive you.
You can participate in a new event called “Key Roulette”, where your ship is placed in a Chicken Roulette game. Entry costs 100 keys. There are random chickens that range from the tiny chicks to the Big Chicken Bosses, where you have 10 seconds to deal 100,000 damage to one of the chickens, placing a “bet” on said chicken. Note that these chickens have unlimited health. A bomb will start to fly around and then explode. If the explosion deals damage to the chicken you killed, you will get a prize.
NOTE: Dying to a chicken attack will automatically disqualify you.

And then, the CHL will give you access to “loan” high-end spacecraft from the UHF, where they can range from 50🗝 to 500🗝 per mission. Some of these spacecrafts have abilities of CI5, such as Gold Digger, White Knight, or Space Ninja, and some new ones (ideas?)