Can this game run at 4K?

I still wonder why this game doesn’t support 4K. I recently played this game on my TV and it can only run at most 2560x1440 (with some problem while trying to stretch the game out). I hope this game can support 4K someday…(would be better if the game has an option for anti-aliasing)


There is bilinear filtering which solves the same problem as anti-aliasing in this case (edgy textures). If you mean spacecraft texture glitch which makes some painted elements blink, that’s 3D software issue which wasn’t yet solved.

About 4K resolution: game textures are pretty small (most of them are not bigger than 512x512) and they are not being compressed. Main target platform is cellphones so it’ll probably stay this way. 4K resolution would be pretty blurry if textures are the same as now and increasing their resolution will also increase game size. Additional download packet with higher resolution textures could work but I don’t think it’ll happen.


The native resolution is 960x540 1920x1080

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The game can upscale to any resolution, provided it’s reported as available by DirectX. Perhaps your graphics card doesn’t support 4K resolution? What model is it?

It could also be a HDMI version/cable mismatch. Can you play any other games at 4K?

Anti-aliasing is only relevant to 3D games. It has no bearing in CIU.


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