Call for backup button

Note to devs: I changed my username to “Tanky” just in case this feature gets added sometime in the future :3

edit: Some people think that you will be notified of such request just like you receive a friend request and that wasn’t my idea. My idea is that it will just be at the top of the multiplayer list without it being too apparent, it will just have a little red bubble saying “requesting backup”.

It’s been a hot minute since my last topic (a year ago .3.)

I recently got back into the game, was doing some missions with multiplayer on and enjoyed it a lot, but here is where i got the idea for the “call for backup” button. I was doing some 100% difficulty missions that are pretty long with multiplayer on and nobody joined, but i needed help with beating this mission, so i was thinking to myself “man, i wish there was a way to ask players to join my lobby” and then it hit me.

My idea is: Have a “call for backup” button in the pause menu during a mission (with multiplayer on) which upon pressing that button, your lobby in the multiplayer tab will have a little red bubble saying “requesting backup” or something of this kind, and should be placed at the very top so people notice it straight away. (maybe get a small key bonus for helping a player with a mission depending on how many waves you helped clearing)

I think it would be an amazing addition when trying to beat a mission that is maybe a bit over your skill level and you can always ask people to back you up and help you with defeating it.


So a feature to comunicate to other players while in the game, requesting for help? This is actually a good idea. One small issue. Maybe most people will request backup just for trolling. But Multiplayer is already troll-fest, so its fine.
It would also help lonely people to meet other players. This idea is a 9/10

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I’d definitely hate getting spammed with backup requests 24/7.


+1, think it’s a good idea if you’re actually playing a difficult mission and need some help quickly, overall could work out!

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It doesn’t have to notify you, it will just appear at the top of the multiplayer list. :slight_smile:

Symmetric NAT users waiting for backup for eternity: :skull:


Not every NAT type will like this.

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Not bad idea but some people will get annoyed with it so there should be button in settings to stop this request if your idea has been added, also some trollers in the game like to close the round after some people join them so it will be a good chance for them, my rate for this idea 6/10

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I’ve replied to another guy about the same thing and i’ve updated the topic to avoid further confusion.

It isn’t meant to spam you with notifications that someone needs help, it will just appear in the multiplayer tab over their lobby with a little red bubble saying “requesting for backup”

there’s one solution to this

get better


i don’t disagree with that, but some players don’t have the time or the money to do so :slight_smile:


Apart from the downsides of the trolling, sounds pretty neat! Perhaps there may be some good hearted people willing to help others in getting out of tight situations


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