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I’m not sure is it possible to upgrade the progress bar calculating mechanics so that it could calculate exactly how much total health did the boss have?
For example, you are fighting with the current Yolk-Star in CIU, which means it will spawn first terminator waves at around 18,75% ; and once you reach 75% the shell will explode.

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there might have been problems with this since the extra stuff like terminators is not spawned at the beginning of the wave, only when they’re called to appear

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This Is May Refering To Its Get cold here health

Wave health is based on the total number of enemies in a mission that are active/standby. Enemies that are not in the wave yet are not counted, and when they spawn, they add to wave health.

Enemies have 3 stages of activity. NOTE: These may or may not be the official names.
Active: Enemy is on-screen and visible, and can attack/be attacked. Counts towards wave health.
Arming: Enemy is spawned, but is not on-screen yet. Counts towards wave health.
Standby: Enemy is not spawned in the wave yet. Does not count towards wave health.

In bosses like the Yolk Star™️, Terminator Chickens are not spawned yet, and are on standby until the Yolk Star™️ calls them for help. When terminator chickens spawn, their health is added to the total wave health, since they are also registered as enemies that are part of the Yolk Star™. The same applies for Dr. Beaker and similar missions, or when a boss regenerates health from taking damage.

NOTE: Barriers do not count towards wave health.


It sure seems possible from technical standpoint. Don’t know though how much work would CIU need to have it this way
Progress meter improvement (yet again)

They can just be not included into progress meter. They are not needed to kill the boss.

but they are, you can leave them alive after the yolk dies and the wave won’t end, this also applies to dr beaker’s chickens

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Ok, I missed that detail.
Still that doesn’t change much because their health can just be calculated into progress meter before wave starts. CIU should know how much health they have before spawning them.

I’m not sure how truly the progress bar works, all the things I could think is to putting in code that could predict the incoming enemies that will be spammed :thinking:
@InterAction_studios do you think it could be possible?

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