C4 bomb missile

That bomb missile will explode 5 time bigger than normal bomb and it will decrease boss health a lot ,for example on level name : UCO (lv 1) when one C4 bomb missile lauched it will drop boss health to 50% or Hend Game boss will drop down to 25% of boss health and disable boss attack skill for 5 sec
Thing that not very good is the screen will shaking very big
(oh i forgot i cost 4200 key to buy 3 bomb missile)
That price is a joke and real price is 1200

OP with no setbacks.
Also, punctuation, please.


maybe if it costs 214748363 keys


In all seriousness maybe the only boss specific weapon that could be in the game is some sort of a stun gun.

Not to mention that C-4 is actually relatively weak and you’d need literally tons of it to do any significant damage to something as big as the Henterprise, let alone stun it.
Besides, the game takes place in the 22nd century. Whatever the regular missile is filled with, it’s undoubtedly way more powerful than C-4.

hmmm this quite suck this ideal has been in my mind long ago and think it quite good to become a weapon in CIU and if it dont have c4 it gonna like stun bomb
(edit: let think if that missile is 100kg then inside it must contain 80 kg of c4 bomb)

You say that just because it’s your idea. Do you realize how broken this is?

I am in no shape or from an expert of explosives, but he stated multiple times that C4 is too weak.

I research it and i see 10 kg of c4 can destroy a car and if 80 kg it can destroy somthing very big but not big as UCO or henterprise ship i can only lose boss health only as 25% is big objects and deal half is for smaller objects

You dont have any sense of scale on this subject. The Spaceship is not big like a car. And the Henterprise is almost as big as the Sun. And the Sun is like billions of times bigger than the Earth.

You know what this is science fiction game every thing that unpossible can be possible

Not really. According to the wiki, the hull is about 50000 km in diameter, which is comparable to the diameters of Neptune and Uranus. The Sun is about 28 times bigger than that.


Well i hope this will be in the game

No, I can already tell you that it won’t. Even if it was rebalanced to not be OP, we don’t need anymore missile-like weapons.

How that is op that have price high and only affect some minor thing in some different difficult mode like elite misson only affect the boss low like 5 or 9% just that and the easy mode the worst way to get that because it give you small amout of key

Then it wont be in the game because of it’s utter uselessness. If you want to get something in the game, be more creative, or try to implement a quality of life improvement.

This actually ment to be joke but i dont know how you keep talking about this

The real thing are homing gun can be found on idea section of the website

That’s some crap you just made up now to make me look bad, don’t lie.

That’s an equally bad idea in my view.
First of all, it’s not well presented. The abscence of punctuation make reading it a chore and it’s difficult to understand with the bad spelling.
Second, it isn’t fledged out. Giving damage values for it may be too much but many volleys are abscent and overall not very well described.
Third, I feel like homing weapons aren’t made for this game. Look at the accuracy medal and some wave pattern. Homing weapons would trivialize them, as well as some bosses.

This will be delete soon and this is a joke no mean to harm everyone and if i somthing wrong then i sorry
Thank more crapp idea will have soon