Bye bye gc)):

so guys i go out gc)): ?

bye bye gc)): bye bye )):

nice disconnected


So why say you will be eliminated from the cup with only one loss ?! , do you not have a record of elimination? !!


u say wht?

if your opponent got 100% score difference
then you disconnected
also there is no record of elimination

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Skill issue again

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See you bro. I was removed because I had turned off this damn firewall since yesterday. Then he showed the lost inbound connection, which is an error in the middle of the game): I will be removed tomorrow due to a ridiculous and nonsensical problem)):

NO bbro!. skill is not problem!

look this

Then you don’t need to panic like that. Wait until a few day then rejoin.

Oppression. Really cruel. This is what happens when you work hard for a week! I went to the firewall that I turned off yesterday

If you are disconnected for the first time, it’s best to temporarily stop playing and check your connection again. You need to disconnect 3 times to be disqualified, if you feel that you have a bad connection and disconnect twice, it’s best to just surrender at that point.


bro! shy u not listen to me?. my ####### firewall is off since yesterday! and i got error lost inbound conection!

Dude, calm down. I got a situation like you did.

But still, you need to check your connection again multiple time.

For me, I would just play until I got disconnected.

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(jk, stop calling people noobs.)

and “skill issue” too.

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Hey you @MrImAnSMK stop calling people noob

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me not call noob

not problem bro(: try better next phase