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I’m a relatively new CIU player (which is a fancy way of saying I’m a vet when it comes to all the other CI games but I am really lost when it comes to CIU). And I’m looking to expand my “fleet”, which currently consists of the H&C 101 (the starting ship) and the BX-8, a purchase I made a couple of days ago that I fear may have been a mistake.

I’ve checked out the pages on the ships in the CI wiki and while the features of the H&C and VF ships are easy to understand (increased key droprates and resistance against environmental effects), I don’t understand what the BX ships have to offer that the Muller ships don’t do better. The BX ships have twin weapon pylons and a higher firepower limit when compared to the H&Cs and the VFs, but they are also the slowest ships in the game. Meanwhile, the Muller ships are much faster than the BXs and they also have no limit when it comes to firepower. So, can someone help me justify my purchasing a BX instead of a Muller? Because aside from each BX being able to carry one satellite more than its Muller counterpart, I feel like I’ve shot myself in the foot.

Any help would be really appreciated!

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well… it is your choice , depends on you that you want a powerful spaceship but that will slow or you want to buy muller, which has ok-power and ok-mass.

but features of Muller M404, i don’t understand the features of M404.

m404 isnt very special just more satellites than its predecessor which happens to be the case in every spacecraft (and smaller hitbox)

But like I just said, the BXs AREN’T as powerful as the Mullers according to the wiki. The BXs come with a limit to their firepower, whereas the Mullers don’t have such limitations.

The wiki is not a reliable source of information at this point in time. Spacecraft power limits are shown in game, and the game is what you should be looking at whenever possible.
Frankly, I’m quite baffled that it even says “unlimited” there, because I was making/updating these pages after the spacecraft rework. Oh well.
The BX-7 at max power out-DPSes Müllers at max power by about 12% on average.
[Edit:I have now corrected the information on the wiki.]


I don’t know why I never bothered to check the game itself to see their stats before. I did now. All Mullers have a cap of 10+MAX firepower. That makes sense, because otherwise the BXs wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

Still… the wiki was right about the stats of the other ships. What went wrong with the Mullers? Did someone who’s too attached to the OG spacecraft change the wiki on purpose to make them seem better than they actually are? Probably. :joy:

Quite the opposite. Looking at the edit history, I revised these pages in February 2022, while the display in the game was changed next month. I simply forgot to edit the info back then.

For the record, Müllers’ power limits didn’t change as far as gameplay is concerned, only the way they’re listed did. Since all weapons save Moron use the :zap:0–10 + :zap:20 layout, Müllers simply didn’t have an actual limit coded in, and so it was listed as “—” aka unlimited.

ストレングスBX用 :slight_smile:

If you want yourself to be nimble, use a Müller

If you need extra firepower, use a BX

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