BX Ships

Its really cool that the bomber family ships have twin weapon pylons however, it would be much more cooler if it comes with twin weapon pods instead. Like two different weapons are being fired from the same ship at the same time. Also if there would be something like the maneuvering jets for BX ships but instead of being mounted in slots, it would be mounted from fleet just like engines and heat sink etc. It would be much more fun that way…


It might be cool, but let’s think of overheat rate, firing rate, etc. It could break those calculations.


Maybe there could be 2 overheating too.


Cool idea, and would be lots of fun, but… the weapon balancing crew would never sleep again, lol. :joy:

Plasma + Utensil = Damn good

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What would be the benefits of using two weapons simultaneously, especially on competitive missions?

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helpful for killing enemies fast, and make enough time

Absolver + Positron would be an extremely multipurpose combo (once damage sharing is fixed).

well 1st pylon riddler
2nd pylon lightning
some of the combinations are too broken

maybe i agree, but it ruins the point of using mullers, scouts
NTM: only these weapons will have this “combination” thing:
-and photon

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Old post o’ mine with similar aproach, but instead of bombers with a new spaceship family that could also get a third movement style (aparently the original one for CIU?).

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seems like dev don’t like the idea of adding something new rather than “mirroring” waves

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Mirroring waves is easy to implement, but some ideas might actually break the game.

But mirroring waves is pointless

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May be pointless but it does make a difference, since you don’t need that boring side again

True, like ucho 5th encounter (very hard to implement), or the hardest thing: technological madness (idk) which has robot chickens, and exotic ships

:rofl: side?! That doesn’t makes any sense mate. I mean you’re still playing the same mission

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It has the minor benefit of making things less predictable, I’ll give it that. Significant in waves like Spiral of Doom, where knowing the side can cut the whole wave short.

But it’s pretty easy to add, and doesn’t have much in the way of negative side effects. The reason your suggestion hasn’t been added isn’t because InterAction “doesn’t want to add something new” but because it would affect a lot of other things (like weapon balance).


Also, keep in mind that iA may consider some things on concept idea without ever say a word about it, mostly because the high possibilities of having a dead end.


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