Buyable Custom music!

So basically in any shop that you can buy music, you can buy Custom music for ??? keys for non Chicken hunter licence users and ???/free for Chicken hunter licence users. depending if you want it fair or not. so when you put custom music onto any music slot, the custom music gui pops up and you can upload music for each separate music slots: music, victory music, defeat music, boss music. you can upload via files, spotify, and youtube(optional). can even play short sounds on loop or not, with echo(for victory and defeat music only). you can crop what part of the song do you want to play for victory and defeat music. me personally if the idea come true, I’m gonna play balls in yo jaws while grinding in the game lol.

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Or you can use mods. image


idk how to use them cuz im new

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honestly this thing has been suggested so many times i’ve lost count

sorry if i sound like a jerk with that but it’s being honest


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