Bunch of Small Ideas

These are some ideas, maybe one of you have suggested them before (if you did, sorry, I have no intention to steal it from you) and these aren’t sorted so… Just read.

  • You can see the planet/star that you’re orbiting in mission passing by on the background.
  • If you’re raiding burger droids, when you sell foods, your profit fall drastically within 48 hours. First raid is always an easy mission, second and further attempt will be have harder difficulty and more patrol droids.
  • Comets! On map, orbiting a star, has elliptical orbit. When it comes nearby to the star, you get fast paced small comets. When it is far, you get slow, larger comets, and maybe icy comets too!
  • Fill asteroid belt like a belt should be. (When it was added I know many were complaining. And now I one of them)
  • When you traveling certain long distance, you might meet some chickens there, a short 3 - 7 waves mission should be cleared. If you failed then you must retreat to where you were from.
  • Hot temperature makes your weapon overheat quicker, and cold temperature make your spaceship like has a slight inertia (remember how your spaceship moving in CI3 or even worse CI2)
  • Darkness missions only exist at farthest planet in a star system.
  • Different temperatures affects some bosses chance to appear (e.g. Sweater Chicken in frozen temperature). Could be used for incoming new bosses.
  • Subvariants of satellites. (Unfocused but powerful microgun, Double barreled microgun, Wide powerful but drain fuel quickly barbequer, Bird Flu Sprayer (Barbequer & Bird flu gun hybrid), A pair of ICBM that stronger, ICBM that travels faster, but weaker, etc.)
  • An automatic gun, if you hold longer, the faster it shoots (also overheat faster though). (Originally, it was my rework to Hypergun in my older post.)
  • Gifts give same amount of points, 5000.
  • Former final bosses only appears in special mission (e.g. Weekly challenge, Planet Invasion).
  • Planet Invasion, a time limited mission located somewhere on a planet or maybe star too. You can see chickens flying around it, and maybe former final boss also appears nearby, informing you it will be your last boss in that mission. From zoomed out view you can see red exclamation mark points this event.
  • Biggest blackhole in the center of galaxy.
  • Make galaxy spiral, the more closer to its center, the more dense star systems in it. Also everything orbits the galaxy center!
  • Rogue planet
  • Everything that has orbit, has different speed orbiting.
  • Corn Shotgun shoots popcorns when near overheat. Well it seems IA & Galbatorix interested in this idea. Less damage but bigger hitbox plus somewhat funny feature. For sprites, well, we have popcorns in CI5, why not?
  • Crab A and B also appear in higher difficulty! Why did they disappear!
  • Yolk Tankers, shaped like eggship in CI3, has transparent glass exposing yolk inside. If you destroy it, it spills yolk everywhere (and obviously dangerous to touch). Yolk is power source of those chickens.
  • Apple core’s barrier level 4 drop less firepower.
  • Apple core detects how many barrier are left. It shoots faster and more also it become unstable so it starts moving randomly when more barriers are missing.
  • Mother hen ship CI4 shoots spreading projectile, like ion blaster. Harder difficulty may shoots 5 or even 7.
  • Planetary egg city is exclusive boss. It spawns randomly in random star system. Consisting 40 waves mission, it becomes the last boss in it. Could be buffed, I think. If you made it, it will disappear from map, spawn again somewhere, someday.
  • Different shapes of Alien Mothership.
  • My idea of 3 new breeds for V29 : Turkey, they’re bulkier and heavier, shoots extra fast egg, acts like guardians. Cemani, black chickens, acts like special ops or ninja, special ops has metal suit, shoot laser twice, wider area target than other metal suited chickens, ninja tries to dodge your projectiles! Also shoot shuriken that can bend up to 45°. And the last, Silkie, because they’re fluffy.

That’s all for now.


Whew.That’s a lot.Also,refrain from using “in V(insert next number)” cos it probably isn’t realistic.As for V29,though,I’d make an exception.

Congratulations! You read an idea in my mind

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Actually, general idea is that random encaunters are a no-no. If you want to get to a certain place you shouldn’t have any interference.


I would say it only happens when it’s far enough, maybe like between star systems… But not always.

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I don’t think eliptical orbits are possible, unless you want some clipping through planets stuff.

I think they won’t be added due to being too reasrouce intensive, sadly :[

Yes I too would like to spend fuel only to have it be wasted on travelling to nowhere. And if you are spending lots of fuel, you are probably in the mid-end game items, so what does this mission accompish? It wastes time.

Why would you want to bring back bad controls?

Is that how space works? I don’t think that’s how light in space works.

There could be exlusive bosses, but I think increasing certain boss chances makes the missions less varied.

Ehh… I like my wave 5 yolk star.

But what is the main difference from a normal mission? You can’t favourite it?

Logical, but gameplay wise would be very annoying trying to find a single planet in all the nothingness just so you could get 100% exploration.

If everything spun around on the map it would be really disorientating.

Not that obvious as some yolk is cosmetic and some is killy. But people would probably get used to it.


So nerf apple core firepower but only on high difficulties? I would nerf all drops on all barriers. Also those lvl 4 barriers still look ugly imo.

But why make exlusive missions to bosses? It’s just annoying. Is it rewarding to fight a single boss that could have easily been in any other mission but you have to play that specific one?

I have no idea how that would work in practice with multiple players.

Like? It’s a retro throwback, and the UFO was the thing that floated above all enemies as a bonus in the original space invaders if I remember correctly. What other shape would also be adequate?

I like discriptions but they gotta mean something. You mean they just have more HP? Eggs are fast enough, as sometimes eggs can go lightspeed and I wouldn’t want to deal with more panic attacks. And acts as guardians as in?

I mean I’d like more cosmetic variation, but do you have some idea of how a fluffy chicken would look like? Like even an MS paint drawing =P


Good idea “darkness” environment

Already suggested. Impossibile to implement due to how the game is coded

Regarding heating that would bug some weapons and that’s why wasn’t implemented.
Speed? That doesn’t make sense

Simple: No
You start a 15 minute trip, go away and you discover that the trip was interrupted at 3 minutes? No thanks


Already suggested by me.
People criticized me since would be too hard to find

Because are too easy

(And good ideas)

Already suggested by someone else multiple times in past. Simply ignored

Turkeys aren’t chickens…
But they should be a canon thing
(Also we already have ninja chicks)


That being said, I think that making the galaxy spiral would be a pretty good idea (though I’m not sure if implementing it would actually be worth the effort). As it is, it bares no resemblance to its representation in the main menu. But yeah, I also disagree with the spinning. It’d be better if it just didn’t move.

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I’m thinking that if your engine is cold, you need to heat it up first to achieve max speed.

I’m not talking about egg barrier, but that thing with gun. Sorry for misleading. But I agree those egg barriers are ugly.

Your main source of light is the nearest star, so…

Lol, actually that’s my point :sweat_smile: So no more location sharing. But if it’s being annoying, well I should reconsider it.

Yolk Star and Henterprise have yolk core. At least Yolk Star does…

That’s why their far relatives come to aid their cousin in danger!

Now the chickens! With more techniques.

If your engine is constantly running and spewing “space flames” I don’t think it can get that cold.

Well I mean…
A lot of planets have dark sides. The reason something like Earth isn’t pitch black during night is the moon’s reflected rays. The universe isn’t completely dark either because the stars far away shine on everything from practically everywhere, however small that is.
And even if the only star that gives light is the main one (Which is mostly) there are still light blind spots behind every planet. A shadow can’t be darker because it’s further away.

I mean that’s up to interpretation. I always thought of as the Yolk star Yolk as being personified. It looks around, gets angry… and that’s all it really does.

I still don’t understand


But level 4 barrier is the gun barrier.

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