Builder Chickens and Ship's Armor

Desc: Uncovered from the deep residents of the Henpire, there are still some chickens who are actually humans that converted to chickens by the Henpire and forced to do what the Henpire wanted. They are the only Chickens type who sees the Hero and the UHF are true galaxies savior and thus wanted to help the Heroes on their journey to demolish the Henpire’s forces. By feignly asking the Henlord about “rebuilding” the Chickens arsenals in space. These human-transformed chickens have finally found their freedom and as well helping the hero granting armors that helps them on their way.

Basic Info:
Health: ∞ (cannot be killed)
Attacks: None
Ability: Upgrade: These Builder Chickens will upgrade and retrofit your spaceships

The Builder Chickens, much like riot police chickens, does not appear in the normal gameplay and they can only be seen on the space/hub. And, they are also a wandering trader as well, trading ship’s armor/forcefield or they could retrofitting your ship. They often sell these items below but sometimes a rare items will be sold as well:

Common Items:
Tier I Ship’s Armor: 100 keys
Tier II Ship’s Armor: 225 keys
Tier III Ship’s Armor: 350 keys
Tier I Forcefield: 250 keys
Tier II Forcefield: 475 keys
Tier III Forcefield: 700 keys
Scout’s Retrofit Blueprint: 2000 keys
Uncommon Items:
Tier IV Armor: 500 keys
Tier V Armor: 725 keys
Tier IV Forcefield: 1200 keys
Tier V Forcefield: 2350 keys
Müller Retrofit Blueprint: 8000 keys
Rare Items:
Tier VI Armor: 1500 keys
Tier VII Armor: 3500 keys
Tier VIII Armor: 6750 keys
Tier IX Armor: 12500 keys
Tier VI Forcefield: 5000 keys
Tier VII Forcefield: 13000 keys
Tier VIII Forcefield: 21500 keys
Tier IX Forcefield: 25000 keys
VF Retrofit Blueprint: 17500 keys
Legendary Items:
Tier X Armor: 20000 keys
Tier X Forcefield: 32500 keys
BX Retrofit Blueprints: 30000 keys

Armors and Forcefield react differently. While armors give your ship ability to tackle more hits from chickens and bosses, forcefield, in the other hand, will activate when you take damage from chicken which will negate all source of damage (except crash) for 5 seconds (Higher tier add an additional 1 seconds to the forcefield) and have a cooldown of 30 seconds before active another one. All of the items are perm upgrades. When retrofitting, the Builder Chicken will cause smoke covering on your spaceship before renovating your ship, a bar will show how long it will take for retrofitting. While being renovated, you cannot move, but still able to do favourite missions. Once a real-life day passed, the chicken will teleport to another solar system unless you’re retrofitting which will make them complete the retrofit before teleport. Lastly, retrofit improves the stats of the ships and as well make them more powerful than their non-retrofitted version.


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