Bugs & Ideas (en masse)

Hi all,

So after playing for about a day or two now, I thought of a bunch of ideas and feedback, and also noticed some minor bugs. I didn’t want to spam the board with a bunch of topics so I’ve made this one post with all the stuff that came to mind and just categorized it.
WARNING: There’s a lot of things. I can get carried away. Thanks for your patience. :wink:

Quality of Life
(Disclaimer: this game easily has the best QoL features and most user-friendly interface out of any early access game I’ve ever played, hands down - great job interAction! A bunch of things that I didn’t expect to be added in this phase I was pleased to discover were already in-game. However a few things came up.)

  • A way to reset a spaceship to default colors (The ones it is when you buy it). We can already do this with the GUI colors, now we only need it for the ships. I don’t mind if it costs me keys for being indecisive, but I would like the option.
  • A way to sort spaceships in the hangar; I see myself amassing a large fleet and want to be able to find what I am looking for, or perhaps even display them in a certain order on my in-game profile.
  • View shield in spaceship customizer. Not urgent, but would be handy.
  • View spaceship customization options & hardpoint/satellite schematic before buying. This is something that would really only be necessary for when the game leaves early access, but good to have eventually.
  • A “Stage #” popping up at the start of each stage. The stage notification seems to have been removed with Universe as obviously there wouldn’t be named stages, but to someone less familiar with the previous games (unlike a Chicken Hunting Veteran such as myself) it is currently rather unclear when one “stage” ends and another begins - and for many medals that’s an important distinction. So a notifier that we’re now on the “Third Stage” or something would be neat.


  • So the Utensil Poker. We all love it, but it’s objectively the most multipurpose and arguably the most raw powerful weapon in the game - it makes the others obsolete. I wanted to fix this not by “nerfing” the weapon, but instead preserving the prestigious and powerful nature of it (it’s always been by far the most powerful and difficult weapon to obtain since it’s introduction in CI3). So, two options:
  1. Make the weapon only appear in certain stores, as a “rare” item. That way, new players won’t even know it exists (secret weapon…) but experienced players can hunt around to find it.
  2. Stop the weapon from spawning naturally and instead, rather than buying it to directly loadout your ship, buy an equipment that allows the presents to spawn. That way, you can’t rely on it for every mission.


  • I’d love to see the “Frying Pan Shield” from the CI3 intro cutscene added as an actual item for some purpose.
  • Speech Bubbles!!! It feels wrong playing a Chicken Invaders game that doesn’t have these, to be honest - and an MMO feels like the perfect format to use them. Even if a chat isn’t going to be added, having them typed in and bought with keys like a username (or even pre-written phrases bought from the store to entirely negate the need for moderation) and then just triggered with a certain key would be awesome. Just need them to return in some form.
  • I have certain favorite soundtracks from the series, but haven’t desired to buy any because they replace all the music in the level and I prefer to hear them as they come up. However, if there was a music player on the overworld map I would definitely have incentive to buy a few (a lot :laughing:)


  • Be neat if, very rarely, the “Closed for Renovation” wave from CI3 popped up. But this would only be on very few missions, and only the “standard” format of mission.
  • The space burger outlet from CI4 would make a nice mission type - but I imagine that the immense amount of food gathered would unbalance key collecting. Perhaps as a very rare daily…?
  • Maybe a boss fight with two giant chickens (think Brothers Reunited) but with two random “boss” chickens? Obviously not every boss would be included in the mix of options - just the “big chickens” (since we now have so many of them). This might help to add that extra “boss” challenge people seem to be asking for.
  • Having Squawk Blocks as one of the many possible waves in a standard mission wouldn’t hurt, surely? Traditionally they were always part of the mix.

Big Overhaul Stuff that Probably Won’t Happen 'cause it’s complex

  • A mission editor! This game clearly has made missions more modular, so it doesn’t seem out of the question to add a way to make our own. Each player would have one “mission” on their profile to edit, and a maximum wave cap (that could perhaps be increased with keys?).
  • The return of planet-based missions from CI5. While I enjoyed some (the cave and snow planets) more than others (the water planet and the Earth mission) these were a fun change of pace and would (at least thematically) suit Universe very well. But I imagine making them RNG would be hard. (At the very least could the giant Chicken made of ice cubes return? That one was pretty… cool. :sunglasses:)
  • Co-Op? Aha just kidding, I know this gets asked a lot :laughing:. Would be pretty fun to have in time for the launch though.

BUGS!!! (Sorry they are so far down the post!)

  • The “Either Brave or Stupid” award counts powerups collected after a boss is defeated (but before warp) as being part of the stage after that boss. Example: in a 2x10 mission, if I am going for the medal in the second stage (no powerups on waves 11-20), collecting a powerup dropped by the boss of the first stage (on wave 10) invalidates the medal.
  • More of an oversight than a bug, but a number of waves have “chick” in the name, inferring that the baby chicks are a part of the wave, when in reality at higher difficulties they are often replaced with chickens anyway. Obviously, the fix would be to rename some of these stages - I am OK with the chickens at the higher tiers of difficulty, just want the title to acknowledge that. :wink:

Phew! That was a lot. Thanks for taking the time to read through! iA, I hope this feedback is helpful to you, and to other players feel free to share your thoughts on these ideas.


Already suggested

Stages are either every 20/15/10/5 waves of the mission, depending on mission length.

Balancing weapons will be done after the game will mostly be finished.

Already suggested.

Useless 'cause we don’t even know if multiplayer will be added or not. Why would you use it without multiplayer?

Aren’t droids do this?

Already suggested (and not only for two bosses).

It would. And you need to find a way to change controls right during the game.

Already suggested!

Already suggested.

This is the main reason of F.A.Q post existence honestly.

Warp starts right when the wave ends so it works like this. You can notice when wave ends by bonuses under the overheat indicator.

Impossible because of randomness of the waves.


The game has a live open world - missions aren’t the only place you can see players.

I feel very silly now, aha

I’m pointing it out as a bug because it is inconsistent with the rest of the series. I know when the wave ends because it ticks over in the lower-right corner as well - having it register the wave completion post-warp would fix this bug.

Impossible to rename the wave title? I wasn’t suggesting to rework the difficulty mechanics just to fix a naming inconsistency. :laughing:

I’m not sure I understand? Maybe I just haven’t gotten far enough into the game.

I know, that was the joke. :wink:

No. Buff the other weapons.
I’d rather have many usable weapons than just none.

In systems with space burgers, sometimes you can see droids flying around. Get close enough to one and click on it to raid it, which lets you do these droid raid missions.

Waves like chickenaut quartet also have this issue, btw.

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Oh nice! I need to be more attentive.

Me too, which is where the second suggestion comes from - you have to pick something else, and could only use the poker if you were lucky enough to get one in a gift.

The thing is that it will be hard to make universal name for a wave. They always change, even at the same difficulty. That’s why you can’t just rename them.

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Rename “Rolling Ball o’ Chicks” to “Rolling Ball o’ Chickens”
Coding wise, it requires the addition of two letters to a string. Not complex?

In that case you will need to rename it again 'cause sometimes on low difficulties there are chicks instead of chickens.

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Well chicks kinda are still chickens. Every title since Ultimate Omelette had that issue, otherwise.

Chickens are still chicks but bigger :thinking:


That’s…still just nerfing utensil. You’re not making other weapons more useful, you’re just making utensil less useful.


I was looking more from the perspective of getting them all equal before worrying about how hard that makes the game.

Still, I think my win/loss ratio is agreeing with you at this stage - if Utensil wasn’t as effective then maybe everything would be too hard.

I think what I am trying to say is that Utensil should remain in a position of greater power than the other weapons but with some sort of usability caveat - but there’s no reason we couldn’t also get a weapons buff across the board after/with such a change.

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Added to v.35

:medal_sports: Idea