[Bugs] Graphic bugs, wormhole, amphitheatrics

This happens whenever I zoom all the way into a wormhole

New Picture
Toxic chickens create weird gas effect on low(est) resolution [320x240]

This happened after I switch from 1280x720 res to 800x600 (on my device, not in-game) then from fullscreen mode to borderless

In Amphitheatrics, the last row of chickens spawns on-screen and can be easily seen on the top right corner

The screen flash really rapidly, this seems to only happen in Fullscreen. It’s all fine in Windowed and Borderless mode.

This is also the issue that was addressed long ago as seen from a video on Youtube

You can clearly see everything but the background and enemies projectiles stutters at 1:01:22


This is mostly due to the recorder setting or the PC’s performance since I needed to rent on a computer shop. I never experienced any flashing while playing that challenge.



That’s a graphics driver bug.

Switching desktop resolutions while the game is running is not a supported scenario.

Acknowledged. Added to to-do list.

That’s a graphics driver bug.

That’s a graphics driver bug.


CIU on Windows XP feels to cursed.


Well, the game’s still on DirectX 9 32-bit so it isn’t so cursed. (But it’s incredibly outdated.)


I like that style you put on that Windows XP.

What do you mean with that?

Well, I mean… That it is incredibly outdated.

  1. First 64-bit processors available to buy for consumers were introduced in 2003.
  2. Microsoft releases Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit in 2006
  3. Microsoft releases Windows 7 and most of the new computers are now using the 64-bit version in 2009
  4. ARM announces their newest mobile processors that use 64-bit architecture in 2012
  5. Google releases Android 5.0 (or Lolipop) with the support for 64-bit ARM processors. in 2014
  6. Apple forces the use of 64-bit apps with iOS11 in 2017

That concludes the 32-bit part.

  1. DirectX 9 releases in 2002 for Windows 98 and XP.
  2. Microsoft releases Windows Vista and with it the newest version of their API - DirectX 10. It wouldn’t work with older systems because they are using new graphics driver model and it would break a lot of things. 2006. It’s main goal was to make sure that every software is rendered exactly the same on every supported graphic card which was a problem with DirectX 9.
  3. Microsoft releases Windows 7 with DirectX 11 in 2009. It’s also released as an update for Windows Vista. It’s worth noting that InterAction Studios SAID that in the future they will NEED to use DirectX 11 because of some problems with DirectX 9.
  4. Microsoft releases Windows 10 with stupidly aggressive campaign and uses DirectX 12 as a bait to attract as many people as they can to their newest OS in 2015. Of course DirectX could work on Vista, 7 and 8, but they decided not to do it. Overall the DirectX 12 isn’t bad, but it is worse than the API that will be released very soon.
  5. Khronos Group releases Vulkan in 2016 which is to this date the most impressive graphics API ever available. It can be used to make 3D software and 2D software. One of the best things about it is that it isn’t exclusive to Windows - It can run on Android, Linux, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Tizen, macOS. It has greatest support for multi-threading on GPU and CPU which in 2016 the most people are already using processors with more than 2 Cores and more than 2 Threads and graphic cards capable of much more. It’s more battery frinedly than OpenGL which means that you can either make game that allows you to play more on mobile devices or create better graphics or bigger levels. Every device that is compatible with OpenGL ES 3.1 and newer versions is automatically compatible with Vulkan. Some examples of Vulkan:
    • Valve announces that Source 2 will use Vulkan 2015
    • Epic Games introduces support for Vulkan in Unreal Engine 4 (which is the the most professional AAA game engine) 2016 on Samsung Galaxy S7 event
    • Id Software includes the support for Vulkan in their AAA game DOOM (2016). It’s worth noting that there were cases where on the same hardware it was working better on Linux with Vulkan API
    • Google releases android 8.0 which has full support for Vulkan which means that every phone available to buy with android 8 or newer is guaranteed to use Vulkan apps. (same can’t be said for 64-bit support) 2017
    • World War Z releases in 2019. It’s a worthy example because it’s well optimized game that uses Vulkan and AMD graphic cards (which were for many years worse than NVIDIA. but I won’t explain why here) outshine the better (and more expensive) NVIDIA cards.
    • Id Software releases DOOM Eternal which is made on their newest engine built only on Vulkan. It allowed them to remove the 200FPS cap and supporting up to 1000FPS! (which ultimately future proofs the game because so far we only have displays with 360Hz frequency). It also allowed to drop over 1 million lines of code because they didn’t need to have OpenGL render engine. The quality of textures and graphical effects was improved. March 20th 2020
    • Valve releases HL: Alyx which will run on Source 2. We can expect new level of immersion as Vulkan allows to fully use the power of the hardware and that means bigger and more packed worlds with increased amoubt of interactivity. March 22th 2020

It’s also worth pointing out that Vulkan may not seem like a big thing because not many developers use them. And it’s mainly because they are used to DirectX (or OpenGL) and they don’t want to risk wasting time and also Vulkan documentation is a little less friendly (that was the reason that some developers used, maybe it is better now).

So, I hope it is explained well and you notice that DirectX 9.0 32-bit is indeed outdated. I personally think that even DirectX 11 is outdated right now.


*too and also i can’t even believe how he has XP running now

It’s called sliver visual style. :heart:

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