Bugs 4 in 1 deal

Here’s some bugs!
-Surrendered says surrended
-No charge up on multiplicity (veeeeeery old bug or feature?)
-White font doesn’t change reasource screen
-when screen zooms in the ship turns right (also old)

Did we just not realize some of those were bugs since we were so used to them?


One of the first quessions I asked but nobody replied is this intended or not. I hope it’s still possible to find my replie in this chaos.

UPD: Nevermind, I can’t find it.

Oof, I don’t want to take your credit

There’s no bugs.

2 of those are definetly not intended.
(And please explain the other old two)

Also I thought boss music was picked to change boss enounters and not normal waves (I booted up a boss rush and my music instantly was replaced)? I’m guessing that’s intentional but wierd. The enhanced music picker was confirmed right?

Yes, but there is no info on how it’ll work. Baſically IA has juſt acknowledged that it needs a revamp.

  1. Fixed in v.20 (@Davoid :medal_military: Bug)
  2. Intended. These Infinichicks are not identical to “Twice Infinity” (for one thing, there’s no beam connecting them).
  3. Fixed in v.20 (@Davoid :medal_military: Bug)
  4. Old but correct. When you zoom in on something, things off-center appear to move away from the center, don’t they? If you zoom in far enough, they disappear off to the sides. In order for something to appear stationary while zooming, it must cancel out the zoom by moving towards the center of the screen.
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