Buggy hitbox

Right-middle corner.

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You haven’t seen anything yet…


Sometimes I use the plasma rifle on the Henterprise and the beam goes Straight Through the Henterprise

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IA must fix this bug IMMEDIATELY.

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I NEVER use weak weapons.

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I did and i remember.

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All other bullet weapons (except lasers) hit these correctly, so lasers need to hit them too.

This has nothing to do with the hitbox. It has to do with the way the plasma rifle selects targets.

@HaiAn2007: I can’t think of any cases where the plasma rifle would go through the Henterprise, though. Do you have video?


So the enemy’s lasers can select the edge target, while i can’t???

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Allow me to explain how that happened…

I simply used auto fire, and moved really quickly into position, and the auto-fire has not registered the hit target yet, so it looks like it’s shooting thru the boss. Plasma should not be able to do what I did in these screenshots.


@BoredCelestial I understand, it’s weird…

This happens when I use a bomber and shooting the chicks that spew out from the Henterprise

Ah, right. Ok, it looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and rework the targetting system.

(Update: I’ve decided to keep the “targets enemies way off-center” behaviour. It’s only cosmetic – these targets are never damaged)

Fixed in v.36

@minasameh @BoredCelestial @HaiAn2007 :medal_sports: Bug


Thanks for the medal!

Your topic post would indicate differently.

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plasma, photon, neutron, hyper are such examples.

Except that Hypergun is barely stronger than Plasma Rifle (and only on :zap:20, below that it’s significantly weaker) which itself deals rather low damage, Photon Swarm is mid-tier and Neutron Gun has the second highest damage output.

Use a bomber

I’m using the ship which costs 3.5k keys.