bug? (wrong implementation of feature)

It seems the game won’t allow multiplayer if you set maximum fps to 30, since the game determine the capability of pc by fps of game. is there a better way to implement this. sometimes i prefer to watch a movie while playing or play in less fps for power saving.






This restriction is by design when you host so that other players joining your game can have a good experience. The host sends updates to connected guests 40 times per second, so if your frame rate is less than that, some updates will be missing.

There is no FPS limitation when you join another player’s game.


It’s recommended to close any game/high performance applications before running another game/application for optimized performance (you can multitask games and applications as long your PC can keep up)

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Don’t open too many tasks at same time

And CIU is a bit of a heavy game, so it needs a good computer like a Lenovo or MSI.

ehh people…

I understand limitting fps to some degree, but 30 fps on a pc is a heresy. Especially with a game like chicken invaders.

That wasn’t the point of this topic.

See above.

No, CIU is not a heavy game at all. It’s quite greatly optimised and runs on good range of devices. (the fact that it basically barely changed from CI4 and CI5 does help)

No it doesn’t.

This doesn’t tell anything about if it’s a good computer. It’s just manufacturer name.


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