Bug with zooming in during boſs ruſhes

I’ve noticed that in boſs ruſhes when the game zooms in between waves keys are frequently loſt to the ſides. Would this be eaſy to fix?

This is from a long time but will be good if it is fixed.

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I’ve had another closer look, and it appears the only case where keys might potentially be lost is while the screen is zooming in, because they can’t properly bounce around the screen edges.

Although acknowledged, I can’t find a clean solution for this. The player is given a couple of seconds before the screen starts zooming in, so it’s not a total loss.


After beating the last boss, the pause is significantly longer than usual. How about making pauses that long after every boss on Boss Rush?

I mean you gotta be quick to grab yer keys matey! Don’t go sqabbling around doing nothin’!

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