Bug with travelling

Sometimes, while clicking and zooming in and out very fast during in-star-stytem travelling (planets exploring) the camera can get stuck at this point, with both buttons preserving despite my ship already entering the planet. Not even HeroCam works, nor going to messages or any other screen. The only workaround is going to Contacts and locating someone.
(I am not green meanie)


Looking into this…

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UPDATE: I managed to reproduce this. It happens when I click on a planet so the game starts zooming onto it, during which I press “Enter Orbit” while also zooming out with mousewheel in the same time.
Here’s a short video showing the bug:

Oh, well done! We’re instituting a special “bug squasher” medal precisely for these types of cases. Congratulations – you’re the first recipient! :+1:

We’ll also retroactively award medals to all other similar cases – look for instructions in the next update.

Fixed in v.16.

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Will people who found previous versions bugs get this medal?

Yes, that’s what “retroäctively” means…
But I don’t know if it has additional conditions like that you have to figure out the cauſe or ſomething.


Hey,does that medal also guarantee a place in the credits? Asking this out of curiosity.
And does it also guarantee bonus keys?

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