Bug with sprite for Mysterious Ship from CI3 not fixed

@Samuelronban ©


Shining can fix with some systems, but that would lag in some computers. I think there should a graphic setting to close this shader.

Well, not really a bug but it’d be nice to get a re-render using the new sprites.

It’s not a shader, the reflections are a part of the texture. They rotate along with the ship.
Unless that changes, which it probably won’t.

Well, I will assume that all assets redoing will be the final phase of the game. I mean, we also have shooting plates from CI4 in Shoot the core! that look dull next to the much better CI5 plates. Also, 3 different kinds of metal jacket chickens.

What’s wrong with the metal-suits?

This is the most witless bug i ever seen.

That there are like 3 different metal suits chickens with different style; but as I said, uniforming art assets are the last thing to do.

They alſo have 3 different behaviors.

Anyway, it’s alſo nice to have chickens of many colours in a wave.