Bug with music

When I’m travelling and I put a challenge, when I win, fail or surrender the mission, it starts to sound the calm CIU music, but when I exit the medals section I see I´m travelling with the calm music and when I arrive the star system the calm music keeps playing, but, if I start to travel to a planet, star or shop it starts to sound the strong music. I have a video but I don´t know how to upload .mp4 files here.

Upload your .mp4 file to youtube and share your link

The calm music normally plays when you’re docked or otherwise stationary. The intense music plays while you’re travelling.

In your video, the only unexpected behaviour is that the calm music plays when you return from the mission (instead of the expected intense one, as you’re still travelling). This is because the game doesn’t remember which music was playing before.

Bug is acknowledged, but not worth fixing :frowning:

How does it tranſition ſo ſeamleſſly between the two? Are there multiple “exit points” in each piece?

No. The two tracks have been purposefully composed “as one” to allow arbitrary cross-fades between them at any point.

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Will CIU have other tracks? Or this will be tracks who will present the game?


i personally think we should have new mission music