Bug with medals

I was in a moderate comet chase mission and I collected all the powerups they appeared, but I recived a Lorem Ipsum medal.

I don’t think comets in Comet Chase drop any powerups (except for the boss battle).

Uh,actually,they do. They have a small chance of dropping an atomic powerup.


I collected one powerup from a comet and about 6 of those that appear on the top of the screen and have a glow of the color of your shield.

Charity powerups don’t count for the purposes of calculating medals (so you can collect charity and still earn “Either Brave or Stupid”) – should they?

@samuelronban What most likely happened in your case is that one of the comets dropped a powerup that you didn’t collect, hence the medal.

If they won’t count, the medal description could at least state that. (Awarded for not collecting any non-Charity powerups?)

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Nah. I don’t think all the inner workings of the game need be written.

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