Bug with map pinpointing of ſtores

I’ve diſcovered that in galaxy view when uſing the feature that labels a store (you know, the one that ſticks a check mark on it), there’s a problem for the required exploration. When zoomed out, the check mark goes on the conſtellation that the ſtore is in, but the trouble is that it appears even in the caſe in which you’ve explored the conſtellation, but not the ſtore within it.

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well done!
now you need a Nobel Prize for that? huh?:smirk:

Will look into this.

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Jeez! Am I famous now?
Thanks for mentioning me @InterAction_studios

So what? Its not something great.

Of course it is.

You are mentioned, because IA warns you not because you made something good.

Ooooh. I didn’t know that.
Thank’s for letting me know about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dude, IA hate you
You broke the newest RULE

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I noticed that before, and I thought it was made on purpose.