Bug with mail?


  • This is the screen i took after i press the mail button. And you can see, nothing. Before that happen, i explored a lot of planets, there were like 100 unread messages about it, i read all of this (because i want to get rid of number notification in mail icon), then i realize that in all of that messages, no daily and weekly mail in there. I quitted the game, then reopen and login, issue in my picture happen. Please check that, thanks alot!

Hmm that’s very weird.

This bug was caused by exceeding 100 messages in your mailbox. In this case, the game automatically deletes old messages (which included daily & weekly). The rest were deleted when you read them (this is normal).

We’ll remove the limit in the next update until we can find a more elegant solution, but sadly your messages are gone forever :cry:

A new daily will of course be generated for you tonight.


@InterAction_studios regarding mail, will we be able to turn off certain notifications like exploring celestial objects? They feel like spam after some time…

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by the way, i wanna say that the message sound plays in-mission when you get a new tier, is that also a bug or intended?

It’s… uhh… it’s intended. Why not? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s because the galaxy is still being updated (and mail checked) in the background.

@cook1ee: They are automatically deleted after 1 hour (you’ll still see them in your mailbox, but they’ll disappear next time you log in)

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Ok, i saw a picture where someone explored the whole galaxy and his mail counter said something like 650

Thanks alot, but it seem i can’t play weekly this week i guess. T_T

Hmm… I have an idea… Try logging in now, your messages should be back.

Yay they are back, thank you!

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