Bug with Ghost trail?

Look into the pictures :

image image

Why does one exhaust disappear when my spacecraft turns towards the extreme left or right if I have the ghost trail turned on? (Not in mission)

Note : This only occurs with twin exhausts.

Is this a bug?


Bug or not, it would be hard to pinpoint it as a bug, since the field of view would hardly allow you to see the 2nd exaust anyway since the spacecraft is turning, thus so would the thrusters, creating a view in which you’d techincally only be able to see one.
Now obviously, only iA would be able to confirm it’s a bug or a feature, this is just my take on it.

Hmm I don’t really think its a feature. I mean it just looks… wrong for some reason

I’ve already reported a similar issue with exhaust colour but now I can’t find it. As it only affects preview, it’s low priority. (Average date of report is somewhere near 20.3.2020).

Oh I see. The bug ‘bugs’ me (pun intended). So I reported it. As I said, something about it is not satisfying to watch.

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