Bug? When contact person change callsign

In my contact section, there is a person named Le Thanh:

He just changed his callsign to Le Quoc Thanh_2

But his old callsign stays the same, although my notification shows a new callsign:

Please everyone and IA give me the answer, thanks.


Does your contact change their name while you’re online or offline? If they changed their name while you’re online, their old name stay the same because the game haven’t updated/refresh the callsign



Does this solves your problem?

Yes, I am off-line but not on-line, so I don’t know

If you join the game, the game will refresh your friend callsign

The problem is being referred to here makes me feel uncomfortable and may cause confusion for less experienced people.

You can just end session and rejoin the game

Yes, that’s what off-line means.

I think that @anon48763505 is saying that if “Le Thanh” changed their callsign while you were playing, then you may need to close and re-open the game to fix the problem. But it shouldn’t keep being a problem after that. :wink:

OK, thanks everyone

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