Bug: Retry Mission not available for assignments

I found a bug, @InterAction_studios !

When I fail an assignment, it does not let me retry. But when I fly it as a mission and not as an assignment, the retry button is available.


You can just go to recent and retry the mission

The point of the feature it so be able to retry.

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You can play a particular mission either “normally” (if you discover it yourself), or as a squadron assignment.

As a “normal” mission, you can fly it as many times as you like (it will only affect your own stats, not your squadron stats).

But as an assignment you can only fly it once (in this case it will affect your squadron statistics)


Can the error message state that instead of “fly mission of this type only once”? The latter seems a bit confusing as you might see from this post.

As far as I am aware, it affects squadron statistics only if it is completed. (I have been told so)

So this is why I think the feature isn’t working properly. If you fail, squadron gets nothing. So, there seems to be no problem in being able to retry. It can be disabled when you actually manage to beat the assigned mission. (Otherwise, it can create potential problems)

Then you can find it in the recent section in missions. Where the feature works as you describe it.

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Fixed in v.36

  • :bug: Mission outcome screen: “Fly again” button is now enabled for squadron assignments that haven’t been won yet (@hale :medal: Bug)
  • :bulb: Mission outcome screen: Better explanation about disabled “Fly again” button when mission was a (won) squadron assignment (@Boggy :medal: Idea)

um, @InterAction_studios.

i noticed something when reviewing the recent adiitions to the known bugs and features section:

“(idea) - Squadron assignments no longer appear in “recent missions” list.”
And I believe it is derived from my last sentence:

“Then you can find it in the recent section in missions. Where the feature works as you describe it.” (where the first “it” really does refer to the completed assignments [possibly failed too])

Can I have some credit for that?

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I don’t see how this change is related to anything in this topic.

Previously, the entry appearing in “recents” after completing an assignment was in fact NOT connected to the assignment at all. If you replayed it, you replayed it as a “normal” mission and not as an assignment.

As a side-effect of fixing this issue, I also had to remove all assignments from the recents list, because I didn’t feel like maintaining the “is it replayable?” status (winning an assignment should not only disable its winning “recents” entry, but also all entries entries of previous unsuccessful attempts).

So the bug that was ultimately fixed by this change is “missions in recents list lose their assignment status”.

gotcha. thanks for the details.

topic closed, i guess.


Mark InterAction Studios with solution.

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