Bug Report: Weapons

If you click twice before shooting your weapon then hold it down, Your weapons will shoot faster than normal and overheat faster.

Ex: If you have riddler as your current weapon, click twice and hold down shooting, you will shoot almost twice as fast as normal

that is overdrive


This is a feature called overdrive. You don’t have to spam click the LMB anymore and you can switch your weapon into overdrive mode.

Well, shooting faster and overheating faster, it does make sense. :wink:

You do x2 to x3 dmg in the same amount of time u spent.
I don’t think this is balanced.

I just tried the bug in a boss rush and it wiped them in 1 min

It’s not a bug. It’s so helpful and balanced, unlike what you think.

Helpful? Yes. Balanced? Well, idk.
There’s a reason why there was a post about rebalancing it, ya know.

Looks fine to me. Or you wanna something faster? :upside_down_face:

I didn’t say it was too slow.
There was a topic about overdrive rebalancing, but not sure where it is now…can someone send a link for it here or something?

Overdrive is helpful, yeah, but as a game mechanic it’s pretty unimaginative since it doesn’t really trade anything substantial for the massive dps boost you get. It definitely needs changes; the concept of a temporary boost has merit but it needs to have its drawbacks so that you just don’t spam it every time. I completely agree that merely overheating faster isn’t enough of a detriment since you still save a lot of time with it. The matter was discussed here previously, feel free to check that out.

However, the focal point of your complaint- that of bosses dying far too fast is linked to a bigger problem, with that being the severely steep difficulty curve this game has. I assume you were playing on lower difficulties, since it takes a few seconds to dispatch of bosses on lower difficulties, however higher difficulties are much, much tankier, and take a while to finish, even with Overdrive. This creates a paradoxical situaution such that it’s impossible to do harder difficulties now without it, but on the other hand easier difficulties are cheesed too easily. Bosses dying too fast has been somewhat of a problem since the weapons were reworked- for some reason higher difficulties got buffed more and more, with easier difficulties not being scaled appropriately; resulting in an extremely steep difficulty curve. The existence of Overdrive is only one of the many reasons bosses are unbalanced in the game currently, and that problem needs some attention from iA.


I previously had an idea of giving enemies and bosses much higher initial hp than they have now, but a smaller hp gain for every difficulty %.
Nothing ended up coming out of it, tho, mostly since I wasn’t sure how exactly to go about it. I tried doing it with some other people, but we scrapped the idea iirc.

most bosses tend to have 5 times as much health on 100% as they do on 0% difficulty

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For me, I still spam LMB as normal.

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Actually I fell love with overdrive system. I never can play other CI games.

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