Bug Report: Sounds

After playing some boss rush mission, I’ve heard that both Military and Party chicken use original chicken sounds. But that’s not that! Due to this sound reset fix; It seems almost every Boss Chicken had their voices reset, I’ll update this when I can
UPDATE: It seems Metal-Suit Chickens lost their deep voices too

I also heard the different sound, it also happened in version 25

Possibly the BASS thing sound fix has reset all of their voices


IA: Some changes have been made to the sound library (again) to fix the “looping sounds don’t stop playing” bug. If you notice the same problem again in this version, please let us know immediately. Btw I like the new sounds.

Yeah. That’s precisely what they do. Let IA know about problems.

Actually the present sounds(some of them) are better imo.

Can you post audio/video of how it sounds?

It seems as though sound pitch changes aren’t happening AT ALL with this update.

(Aaaaand the looped sounds seem to be still here, well, haven’t tested much to confirm this)

The biggest enemy of the UHF are not chickens. It’s looped sounds.

EDIT: Can someone record the looped sounds or write how to get them? I didn’t get them even once in all my playtime.


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