Bug report on the events page

so in the v.94 it was said that in the inbox events page galactic cup has been moved up the list

but here (dont mind the graphics still) space race is shown above

see its written in the v.94 forum post
Note: what you are seeing here is just a screenshot

What is the problem mean? I see is normal

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well not that big of a problem
really but i didnt think the bug fix worked
i mean look at the arrangement, i thought it was supposed to be galactic cup first then other events, but clearly space race is shown first, that is the problem

I think It need to be easy event to hard event, also apply for price from easy event to hard event

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here is what i think it should be like (most important to less important, also thought and the length of the mission)

  1. Galactic cup
  2. Daily mission (or weapons training)
  3. Space race
  4. Weekly mission
    5… and so on the scores of certain events and for certain medals

I think IA should add this button next to the Nofication:

-Event in-box: Each time you click it show: Easy To Hard/ Hard To Easy, Short To Long/ Long To Short, Most Recently Fly, Event, Event Reward,…

-Nofication in-box: Each time you click it show: Exploration, All Reward+Medal Award, “Player” Has Join Squadron,…

-Important in-box: Each time you click it show: New Assignments, New Contact, New League Dare+Friendly Match,…

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yea that could be nice

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