BUG REPORT - Infinite lives and usables on wave 1

Currently im on mobile and i found out that if you die on wave 1 or use anything on it and want to reset the wave without losing them, you can just close out of the game and its gonna reset the lives and usables to the ones you began with after you open it back up

I havent tested if this works on pc and i will provide videos later today for proof but as of the moment im just explaining how it works, but im guessing it works on pc if you press alt f4 to leave the game without it realizing and i think this happens because it thinks the game lost connection


Kill CIU in task manager is another method beside Alt + F4

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Not really, missions that aren’t dares don’t care about what you do in wave on, since you can cancel and nothing gets counted to your stats. However, if you die and leave in dares in leave one, that’s a gameover.
Once wave 2 starts, stuff get serious.


It still can be abused in a way because you can keep trying until you get a perfect wave or im not sure if it works on dares and stuff but ill try in a few hours

cancelling mission works too

as long as its on the first wave, the game wont use up your stuff yet

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oh wait really? if thats the case then ill be deleting this topic

i apologize for the inconvenience i really do

PS: how do i delete a topic if thats possible?


oh no… don’t be like this…

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