[Bug?] Price inconsistency in Fuel at Gus's Fuel vs Normal price tiers

Is it intended to have such inconsistencies in pricing of Fuel?
Large Fuel (x1000) - 171
Medium Fuel (x100) - 17
Small Fuel (x10) - 2

Why would I buy Large when it’s more expensive than Medium?


Ah yes, 1 key for having your time saved.

Also, buying 100 fuel by buying 10 small fuel costs 20.

Oh wait, these aren’t the original prices, the original prices are:
Large Fuel (x1000) - 185
Medium Fuel (x100) - 19
Small Fuel (x10) - 2
Buying medium fuel pack saves 1 key, while buying large fuel pack saves 5/15 keys.
The problem exists in where you got the items from, gus’s gas for example, @InterAction_studios

This is actually a pretty common thing in real life, when store sets higher price for one 2 litres bottle than for two 1 litre bottle. Anyway, price is a bit different from system to system, so you may find large pack for 150, too. Usually the order is correct, making the expensive one more profitable.


Using “full price” Galactic Store prices, larger packs are always slightly cheaper. However, regional stores use discounted prices and, due to rounding, can exhibit small price inversions like that.


Indeed, forgot to mention, the prices are from Gus’s gas. But notice how 10x Medium is not cheaper than 1x Large when taking into account normal pricing.

So going for higher quantity is always cheaper on normal pricing while Gus is scamming us :smile:

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Gotta love gus’s gas

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