[BUG] Overheat > Cooling

So because better heat sinks rather than increasing cooling rate they increase heat capacity, as well as overheat decreasing heat over a set amount of time, means that it’s faster to overheat rather than cool down.
In the video below you can see cooling takes about 10 seconds, while overheat about 5 seconds. Overheat should not be faster, it makes no sense!

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It’s intended. It wasn’t like that at first and that sucked.

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Why did it suck? I don’t think the overheat mechanic should be trade-off rather than a penalty for not paying attention. But that’s just an opinion. If it was intended, then ok.

I noticed this before


In the last day the bug reports get way many after the IA topic about the CIU debugging medals. Coincedence?



But I did notice it like yesterday because I wanted to try out the new update.

I think that’s a good thing. Many people now looks for smaller or bigger bugs. If they found a bug that need a fix, they are awarded and also they make this game less buggy and more stable.

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